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  1. Paste (or upload) the text you wish to summarize
  2. Choose how you want your text interpretted from the Settings menu.
  3. Press the Summarize button.
  4. Select the compression size using the slider
  5. Copy or download the summary with the size you want.


  • No registration necessary and no software installation needed.
  • Life long free and unlimited summarizations.
  • Free File Uploading to summarize PDF's, DOC's, and TXT's.


Yes. Summarizen is a free service and will stay free no matter how many times you summarize your text.

We use Extractive summarization algorithms to rank sentences from most to least important and then return a subset of sentences from the original text. If you want to view all the possible algorithms we use and how they work please visit the settings section of the homepage.

The current word limit for pasting into the text box is 200,000 characters (Approximately 32,000 words).

Texts that are structured and detailed. Mainly:

  • Articles
  • Scientific Texts
  • Historical Texts
  • Argumentative/Analytical Texts

Interviews, dialogues, naratives, plays or fiction texts don’t produce useful results.

Not currently, but we are developing one.

Thanks for summarizing. You helped give someone a book.

Whenever you use our service, 10 percent of the profits are donated to Books For Africa.
With each donation, Books For Africa collects, sorts, ships, and distributes books to African students of all ages.